This week’s tip is to be prepare for hurricanes.

The devastation in Texas is a heart-breaking reminder that we must be prepared for disasters, especially hurricanes.

Please prepare now – before we are under the imminent threat of a storm. These guidelines will help ready you for any disaster.

First and foremost, prepare your homes and families (http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/hurricane/index.shtml).

Meanwhile, follow prudent guidelines to protect your business, as well. If you are a Klos Consulting customer your IT Department here at Klos Consulting continuously monitors data backups. Ensure you have updated offsite copies of backups, as well. Maintain a list of important phone numbers and keep it with you and key individuals (or everyone, if appropriate). This list should include all of your utility providers and technology service providers. It should include:
  • Phone Company and the service provider who maintains your phones.
  • Internet Service Provider
  • FP&L or your Electric Provider
  • Alarm Company
  • Cell phone service
  • Data redundancy provider
  • Klos Consulting, Inc (954-934-0909, helpdesk@klosconsulting.com)

In the event you are closing your building ahead of a storm, we recommend shutting down all non-essential systems. Please let us know if you wish to shut down your servers or other network equipment. It may be safest to raise computers/UPSs/power strips off the floor, if at ground level. Covering equipment with plastic bags can protect them from water damage from above. Prepare your phone system by transferring calls to alternative phone numbers.

Know where to go for help.

Finally, we hope you’ll consider a donation to help those devastated by this storm (https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation).

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