Cloud Services

Cloud Services


Now is a great time to move some of your applications into the Cloud.

Cloud computing affords small and medium-sized businesses some of the traditional advantages previously economical for only for very large organizations. Cloud computing reduces your hardware and software expenses. In addition, with cloud computing, you pay for what you use. Cloud apps allow your business to select what your company needs, when you need it and use it how you want to.

Hosted exchange:

All the benefits of Microsoft’s Exchange Server without the in-house hardware. You pay month-to-month only for what you need. You get email, contacts, and calendars synchronized across multiple devices or available through an Internet browser anytime, anywhere.

Remote backup:

Tired of swapping backup tapes every day? Concerned about who may have a tape? Worried that the off-site tape could be a week old when disaster strikes? All of these go away with offsite backup. Depending on your needs, we’ll send just critical data, all data, or entire server drives to a secure storage facility every night. Sleep at night knowing your data is backed up.

Co-lo servers:

With ubiquitous high-speed Internet access, companies with multiple locations; employees working on the road or in the field can deploy their own servers in a secure, remote location. This way if your office Internet goes down or the power goes out, your data and applications are still accessible. Co-Lo facilities provide temperature-controlled, secured rack space for your server with redundant power and Internet connectivity. Many businesses already enjoy the benefits of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop technology to run programs while away from the main office. Deploying it with your primary servers in a co-lo ensures very high availability and reduces the cost of cooling, powering, and securing your server location.

Server hosting:

Instead of purchasing a brand-new server, setting it up, and maintaining it in-house, why not rent just what you need for only as long as you need it. Hosted servers are accessed via the Internet and are fully managed by us. We can configure them with all of your data and applications. As you grow, the capacity and performance of your server can increase to meet your needs without any downtime associated with replacing a server.


One of the original “cloud services”, webhosting is best done by professionals. Several sites offer this service, and the low cost makes it an obvious choice to avoid the risks associated with trying to host it yourself. However, don’t go so cheap that you put your potential customers at risk by having your site get infected by a virus. We recommend Network Solutions.

Fax to Email:

Save paper and quickly route faxes to anyone with a fax to email solution. Sending faxes straight from your email is simple, too. We’ll help you select the plan that fits your organization. You might even eliminate your fax line by scanning hard copy documents to send this way.

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